City of Amsterdam, Department of Economic Affairs

City of Amsterdam, Department of Economic Affairs


Optimizing content for entrepreneurs.


Qualitative online research into effectiveness of online content for independent entrepreneurs, followed by user testing with prototype pages. Analysis created insight into the perceptions and needs of this group, enabling improvement in both efficiency and effectiveness for users.

  • Entrepreneurs find relevant content in the site faster and more easily
  • Users spend more time reading related content
  • Content makers understand this group and improved the guidelines for communication with it
  • Audit and analysis of existing content
  • Low- and medium fidelity prototypes for online surveys and user testing
  • Visualisation of results combining qualitative and quantitative information
  • Presentation to stakeholders from Department of Economic Affairs
  • Design of test plan, including script and scenarios
  • Moderation of user test
  • Analysis and reporting of test results
Project Information

Contact person: Sanne de Ruiter, Department of Research and Statistics, City of Amsterdam