I was one of the first editors to specialise in the creation of global interactive media in the 1990s. I now use my expertise to help multi-national companies and organisations connect with users in a variety of locations and contexts.

In my current practice, I integrate usability testing, design research, content strategy and information architecture to help create products ranging from corporate websites and intranets to magazines, games and educational programs at primary, university and master level.

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  • When the UN Development Programme decided to overhaul its prescriptive content for programming, we wanted to present our requirements in an intuitive visual format to complement our written policies and procedures. We hired James as our Information Architect and Visual Designer for the project and couldn’t have been happier with his work. He took the time to thoroughly understand how we work and pitched several concepts he thought would be effective based on cutting edge research on how people learn. His designs were clean and effective and were received very well by staff across the organization. He presented full mock-ups quickly and responded well to requests for corrections with fast turn-around times. James was a pleasure to work with and provided exactly what we needed with a strong sense of customer orientation. I would not hesitate to recommend James for similar work in the future.

    Jessica Murray | Programme Specialist, UNDP Development Impact Group UNDP

  • James played a vital role during the development of the content architecture and content for the portals of multiple global AkzoNobel brands. His broad content and design experience as well as expert knowledge combined with his talent to communicate easily with people from discipline-wise different backgrounds made a huge impact on both the progress and quality of project and end result. I would highly recommend James as lead-resource to any program or project where the quality of content and content structure are considered to be of profound importance.

    Merijn Visman |

  • James is a rock-solid conceptual thinker. He doesn't stop until he's found the core of a problem and builds proposals from there. In addition, it's a great pleasure to work with him. His committment is unconditional.

    Annemiek Neefjes Founding director, De Schoolschrijver

  • At the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, James was involved in getting this important and respected organisation online. Developing several platforms, James researched users’ needs and validated early versions. This included co-creation sessions with children with mental health problems. Many of his findings ran counter to received marketing wisdom and are still used at the Knowledge Centre today. James embodies the rare combination of researcher, designer, copywriter, and then some. Besides his broad skills, he handles all his work with contagious enthusiasm, sincere curiosity and a sharp, critical mind. I’ve found his contributions to have always been enormously valuable.

    Jeroen Buchli / Senior Beleidsmedewerker (Senior Policy Officer)

  • James created together with Zhenya Pashkina precise visual metaphors that conveyed - with great efficiency - so much more than words alone could have. The result is a set of concise explanations that make complex information about medications and the brain clear to children and young people of different age groups and to adults without special expertise in this area.

    Peter Moleman, Professor Emeritus of Biological Aspects of Psychopathology at the Behavioural Science Institute, Department of Clinical Psychology, Radboud University Nijmegen; director, Moleman Psychopharmacology BV

  • "With his enormous professional knowledge and endless hunger to know about all the developments in his profession, Jim Boekbinder can enable his clients to excel. He often goes 'beyond the call of duty' in his work, and this makes him a valuable contributor for anyone who is busy with internet strategy in general and content strategy in particular."

    Peter van Schaik; CEO, BV