James Boekbinder I believe that the shape of a successful product is hiding inside human behaviour and have spent much of the last decade leading research that prepares companies and state institutions for innovation of their product and service systems.

This work results in more than reports. I help guide client teams as they turn insights from research into concrete, measurable improvements to products and services.

When the web emerged as a mass medium, I helped pioneer some of the first online workspaces, content management systems and editorial strategies for real-time, global publishing. I have since played a leading role in the creation of highly successful websites, online workspaces and documentation systems, campaigns, toolkits and other products and services for clients including Akzo-Nobel, the United Nations Development Program, Heineken, the City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Council for Health and Society and the Knowledge Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

I currently lecture at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences on content delivery and cross-border design and am creating a new service design course for the Hotel School the Hague’s MBA program, where I also lecture on the subject.

In addition to my work in research for design, I write and translate in Russian, Dutch and English and have contributed to many innovative publications. Most recent are ‘The Stamp,’ a graphic novel based on the history of a Dutch family, and the book ‘War is War - the Letters of Nikolay Yassievich’ a collection of war letters of a Soviet Russian artist, which I translated and annotated.

  • 2017 - Publication of the book 'War is War' - www.wariswar.com
  • 2015 - Publication of 'Basiscursus Interaction Design', Rotterdam University of Applied Science
  • 2015 - Publication of 'Het Stempel' (The Stamp), graphic novel - www.hetstempel.com
  • 2003-2005 Two international prizes (Grand Prix and Best Debut) for film ‘The Story of the Kolobok’ (2002)
  • 1995 Participant in Social Care & IT workshop of Doors of Perception 3
  • 1993-1996 Pioneering editorial work for interactive media for Mediamatic and Doors of Perception
  • 1993 Translator certification in three languages (Dutch, English, Russian)
  • 2007 - 2008 Didactic Qualification for Working University Lecturers - CNA - (completed)
  • 1988–1993 BA Audio-Visual Design – Utrecht School of the Arts (completed)
  • English, Dutch, Russian, French (fluent)
  • Spanish (good working knowledge for everyday use)
  • German (reading fluency)
    In this version of this Russian 'gingerbread man' folktale, the humble hardtack loaf runs away from its maker into the Soviet subway, where it encounters and narrowly escapes a number of animals. Preceded by TV interview with director (in Dutch).
    Animation film made for Dutch Educational TV in 1996. Storyboard, drawing and animation by James M. Boekbinder. Produced by Lawson, Ross and Whatshisname in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    Animation film from TV Series 'Koekeloere', made for Dutch Educational TV in 1996. Animation, design, storyboard by James M. Boekbinder. Produced by LawsonRoss&Whatshisname, Amsterdam.
  • WORLD NEWS (& Fishing Report)
    All purpose newsreel trailer which can be used to introduce any film. Features interviews on land and at sea.
  • HET STEMPEL (The stamp) 
    Inspired by the autobiographical story as told by Judith Uyterlinde in her book 'The Woman who Says She's my Mother', James Boekbinder and Zhenya Pashkina have created a powerfully imaginative and detailed visualization of Judith’s double journey of discovery: of the uncertainties of adoption and of her family’s fate during the turbulent times in which they lived. 
    This book documents the experience of the artist Nikolay Yassievich, who served between 1941 and 1943 at the Oranienbaum bridgehead. This small patch of land played a critical role in the defence and liberation of Leningrad from a 900-day siege by Nazi forces.