Akzo Nobel car refinishing projects

Akzo Nobel

Akzo Nobel
New global web presence for car-refinishing products.
2007 - 2010
Streamlining of the web presence of Akzo Nobel's car refinishing projects with a new architecture, visual and interactive design, and content.

Websites for all countries and markets which were at once localized and adaptable, but with efficient and secure central governance of technical and other content.

  • Content inventory and analysis of entire global web presence (more than 60 national and regional sites)
  • Content plan including editorial guide and content strategy
  • Information architecture (including visualizations of structure)
  • Interaction design prototype for development
  • Consultation on visual design
  • Copywriting of all product texts
  • Manual for CMS

James played a vital role during the development of the content architecture and content for the portals of multiple global AkzoNobel brands. His broad content and design experience as well as expert knowledge combined with his talent to communicate easily with people from discipline-wise different backgrounds made a huge impact on both the progress and quality of project and end result. I would highly recommend James as lead-resource to any program or project where the quality of content and content structure are considered to be of profound importance.