Advisory Council on Health Care and Society

Netherlands Advisory Council on Health Care and Society

Visual summary and presentation set.

A special visual toolset, including a visual summary for the Council's first report, a slide set, and other expressions to help share important ideas about a complex subject: a critique of the the idea of a purely 'systemic responsibility' in managing health care and social services. We did a workshop to identify themes and 'big questions' around which to structure the expressions, and presented several prototypes before executing the final design. Deliverables include a manual containing the design rationale, profiles of the receivers and their context of use, and guidelines for use of the individual expressions.


The summary was published together with the report and made available online separately in digital form. The slide set was by the chairperson during the formal public presentation of the report. Both have been used many times since in interactions with stakeholders.

  • Content workshop
  • Concept development
  • Special visual summary accompanying report ‘Verlangen naar samenhang: over systeemverantwoordelijkheid’
  • Presentation images for slide set and other media
  • Manual with design rationale, receiver profiles and guidelines for use
Project Information

Link: Verlangen naar samenhang

Contact person: Albertien van Diepen
Partner: Zhenya Pashkina Visuals